Aquarius is the main tourist attraction of Genoa. It opened in 1992 in the ancient port, that of Genova is the largest Italian aquarium and the second in Europe, after that of Valencia.

The marine park is home to 12,000 specimens of 600 different species (not only marine species but also animals of rainforests and freshwater) in a spectacular setting that exactly reproduces their original natural habitat. The visit to the Aquarium is fun and exciting experience as it offers the opportunity to learn about aquatic fauna “strolling” in the seas and in the most beautiful waters in the world. The path between the various pavilions of Aquarius winds through the more than 70 tanks where you can also observe sharks, seals, turtles, penguins, and outreach areas that complement the visual experience with scientific concepts. Recently the new Hall Cetacean designed by Renzo Piano was opened to admire the cute marine mammals is from an underwater perspective, thanks to the basement tunnel, both from a top-down perspective that allows you to watch the dolphins out of the water.