The historical center of Genoa is the core of the Old Town, a place full of history and charm that after years of neglect and decay was finally restored and returned to the city. To discover the ancient charm of Genoa you have to walk on foot and go into the “alleyways”, the quaint alleys of medieval origin, and creuze characteristics (narrow streets encased in the walls), lost among the beautiful streets lined with noble palaces and squares harmonious (Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza San Donato) overlooked by ancient churches (San Donato, San Matteo).

It is no coincidence that a large part of the historic center has been declared a World Heritage Site. There are many historical sites such as the Castrum, which is the first settlement of the city dates back to the Roman period and the Etruscans, the great value of the architectural heritage with the famous Palazzo Spinola and Palazzo Ducale, two delightful public buildings through which it relives splendor of the ancient maritime republic. There are also, of entertainment, since in all the historical center abound features inns where you can taste typical dishes of the Genoese cuisine, popular bars, where local bands perform every night, and century-old shops that conquer and fascinate with their world charm.