Yet more evidence of the link of Genoa with the sea is Galata Museo del Mare, the largest maritime museum in the Mediterranean dedicated to the history of navigation. Through reproduction and exhibition of boats of all sizes and types, tools and charts, multimedia and interactive exhibits, the museum offers visitors a real journey through time allowing him to identify with the lives of sailors, passengers and migrants .

museum-sea-galata-genovaIl journey begins on the ground floor from the age of rowing ships, he continues on the first and second on the route of sailing ships and revolutionary geographical explorations and ends on the third floor dedicated to the trip to America. Do not miss the Mirador panoramic terrace to enjoy a splendid view of the harbor and the city. So, as you can not miss out on this museum so interesting and engaging, for more in the city that was the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, the greatest surfer of all time ?!